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Andhra Pradesh Bans Dream11 Fantasy Sports platform after Telangana : Says report

According to India Today’s news, Andhra Pradesh has banned Dream11 Fantasy Sports after Telangana. 

Andhra Pradesh Bans Dream11
Andhra Pradesh Bans Dream11 | TechKnow World

Dream11 is sponsored by IPL 2020.
• Andra Pradesh is the 2nd state of India that bans Fantasy Sports apps.
• Telengana is already banned Dream11. 
Now, it is confirmed that Andhra Pradesh’s government has banned the Dream11 and all fantasy platforms that involve unnecessary financial transactions. In 2020, Dream11 becomes the biggest Fantasy sports platform and it also becomes IPL sponsored this year. So it is sad news for Sunrisers Hyderabad. 
If you don’t know, a week before the Play Store had to remove Paytm because of its involvement in fantasy application. Google writes in its blog that” we can’t promote fantasy sports that involve real money gaming. But after 30min Paytm is back on the Play Store. 
On September 25, the Andhra Pradesh government passed a bill according to the Andhra Pradesh gaming act 1974. It has immediately enacted according to current situations. This is an outlook of the IPL 2020 title Sponsored Dream11. There is at least three or four other fantasy sports gaming operator, supported with a large marketing budget and these websites offer consumers to play and win a big amount. 

IPL wave with fantasy wave 

Dream11 and Patanjali both are in the race to buy IPL 2020 title rights but Dream11 wins the race by paying ₹222 Crores to BCCI. Dream11 using famous Indian cricketers like Hardik Pandya, Shikhar Dhawan, and Ms. Dhoni to advertise its fantasy application. There are many more apps like fantasy that being advertise by Gourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar. 
One more application that is similar to Dream11 is Paytm games which are exactly similar to that, so the Andhra Pradesh government places a ban on this app too. After the ban, Dream11 print a message that “Andhra Pradesh put ban so you can’t play” in Andhra Pradesh

How it affects people 

Dream11 is a real betting platform where you can win real and big amount sometimes. But, as Dream11 users know that, the competition was very high so most of the time you have to face loss. According to some sources, it also violates their term and condition by putting boats in-game who can change their team as per the situation in grand leagues and I think that maybe a reason for banning Dream11 in two states of India. 
Mostly hour youth prefer these types of techniques for instant earning without knowing the truth, but somehow they win sometimes but never get any withdrawal from Dream11. Be aware and don’t waste your money on this type of things 
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