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Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India | To help job Seekers | TechKnow World

The Google Kormo apps allow you to discover and search for relevant jobs on the basis of your gain and apply for suitable job matches. 
Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India
Google Launches Kormo Jobs App In India | TechKnow World

Firstly, this app was launch in 2018 in Bangladesh.
• Before the Kormo app, google brought job lists in its search engine.
• Google pay introduced job opportunities features last year. 

A month before, google launched a new app called google korma jobs app, this app will help people in finding new opportunities. It is not new to google but this time google launched a separate app only for job seekers. As we all aware, lots of people lost their jobs in this COVID19, so Google takes the initiative to help helpless people around the globe. As well as it always provides jobs to our young professionals. 

Why Kormo App in India?

As we discussed above, it was initially launched in Bangladesh then it continues in Indonesia, and now in India. Google reveals information related to kormo app by its blog post and said ” Fillip by this momentum and try to support the employment effort in this pandemic time, we are taking out our korma android app in India to help more and more people to search their jobs as per their merit and recommendation and may apply with an additional gateway across India. 

Google also mentioned in its blog that, Zomato and Dunzo company launches more than 1.5 million jobs on its own platform when the Kormo job app was released. You can simply download this application from Google Play Store. Before the Kormo job app, google use to provide job opportunities through google pay now they decide to rebrand this application on the Kormo app. 

How to use Google Kormo Application?

Thorough korma applications, big and small employers use to recruit new job seekers. Firstly, you have to sign up with the Google korma app and set up your profile with full details, and get a digital CV that you can print, share, or even you can apply directly for jobs that are mentioned on the list. Google Kormo app also recommended relevant jobs according to your merit, interest, background, and experience but before that, you have to fill your all necessary details with experience certificates. As much more you use this application, it better you are known to the app. All these things help you to take the employer’s attention. 

5 simple steps, take a look : 

Step 1:- Visit the play store and simply click on the download or install button.

Step 2:- Create a profile of you using Emil’s address and generate a password.

Step 3:- Fill in the necessary personal information.

Step 4:- Choice your merit, interest, and education.

Step 5:- Click on the submit CV button and start applying for jobs.

This application has location access that helps you to find jobs in your locality or area, also feed with its tool that helps you to grow. If you want to know more about the application you can also read its description section on the play store. 

korma application is provided by Google so it does not charge a single amount of money to you for all these things for the android app and it will also allow users to enhance a CV that can be shared from the Kormo application. 

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