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How to create and check Responses of Google Form

In this lockdown, all the classes and tests are taken on the web so Google’s structure assumes an incredible part as an apparatus for reviews and taking tests, everything being equal. So, google form is become very important.


Google form allows you for creating forms online.
• Google forms allow people to create an easy examination or survey that easy to understand.
• Google forms are free of cost and we’ll unify with some other google helps. 
• Google forms are customizable that makes them very reliable.
If you are thinking to create any survey form, quizzes, or online questionnaires then Google form is one of the latest updates of Google and it is the most decent tool right now. If it’s your first time on Google form then this guide is for you. This article is all about how to create Google form? How to share Google form? How to take responses from Google form.
How to create form: Google Form 
Creating a Google form is a bit easy with having a few simple steps 

Follow these steps carefully : 

1. First you have to visit

2. Once this website is open, you have to click on the + icon to start creating a new Google form, then you have to add a title first and then a description about your survey or anything else you want to do.

3. Below, you can add questions and then click again on the + icon to add more questions. 

4. If you want more like you want to add video, photo, or any question from other forms then you have to go in the floating setting. 

5. Always keep in mind, before publishing the form make sure that how’s your form looks like when other people open so you have to check it by clicking the preview button. 

Google form Customisation: How to give a decent look 

Follow these steps to make your Google form user friendly with very simple steps : 

1. Firstly you have to click on the Customize Theme button, next to the preview button. 
2. Then you have to choose an image whether it is default or you can take it from your device. 
3. Now, it’s time for the theme of the header, and note that the background color automatically chances as per your theme color.
4. Maximum, you can select four different font styles.

Google form: User field options 

When we create Google form we have lots of options, have a lot of these options : 
1. After completing Customisation, it’s time to choose how the user will answer whether MCQ, fill in the blanks, or long answer. 
2. If the option includes a short answer then one line is enough, if the answer may belong then you have given a paragraph space. 
3. You can also set the answer type whether it is checkbook-like or dropdown.
4. Google Forms allow you many more features like some answer needs arrangement in sequence. You can add more columns to MCQ.  
5. Google form also featured you with adding files like photos, videos,s or documents by limiting file size.
6. You can also use date and time in Google form.
7. It also featured duplicates and if for becoming useless then you can delete them too.

Google form: How to Create a quiz 

You can also change this google form into a soft copy quiz paper, you have to just follow these simple steps mentioned below : 
1. Go to the setting and gently click the quizzes tab and enable make this a quiz button.
2. You can also upload the correct answer so respondents get the results just after submission or you can also reveal it manually.
3. For uploading the correct answer you have to click on the answer key then select the correct answer assign point for the correct answer and click on the Save button.
4. All done, when respondent gives the right answer they will automatically get their point for that particular question. You can the only one who can check the answer by clicking on the Responses tab and save their responses by their email address. 

Google form: How to see Responses

All the data of it are saved in Google drive and you can also access these data through the google form website. Just follow these simple steps to see google form responses : 
1. You can check or evaluate even one by one. Open that particular person’s form you’d like to evaluate.
2. Firstly, you have to disable the Accepting responses tab, so that the respondents can’t make any further changes after a fixed time.
3. You can also check the summary tab to take a look at all responses.
4. The question tab allows you to check responses one by one. 
5. The last tab, that is individual tab allows you to check each person one by one.
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