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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Best SEO Site Audit & Keyword Tracking

Finally, Ahrefs has launched its free webmaster tool for all bloggers and webmasters. Ahrefs forwarded a free SEO tool considered Ahrefs Webmaster Tools that gives webpage findings and SEO information.

What is the Ahrefs webmaster tool?

Ahrefs webmaster tool is much the same as Google search console, Ahrefs included some new highlights for nothing and these are uncovered without anyone else. Basically, it has just admittance to confirmed site review and utilized for keyword and backlink research.

This tool helps you to improve your site SEO execution by following everything and give you increasingly more traffic.

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Ahrefs webmaster tool helps in fixing your issues and you can make stronger on-page and off-page SEO.

How to use Ahrefs webmaster tools for free?

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools: Best SEO Site Audit & Keyword Tracking

When you open it for the first time, you will have to sign up and three options will be given to sign up. I recommend you to sign up with your primary account. Then, click continue and you are done with Ahrefs webmaster tool.

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Once you verify your account. Then, you have to go with Add a project button and they provide you two methods of that. You can add your project with the Google search console or even manually. Generally, we prefer to advance with the google search console.

We discussed both the method here step by step:

When we go with google search console:

Step 1: Click Import, it simply redirects you to a google account.

Step 2: Select the Search console account.

Step 3: Ahrefs webmaster tool ask for some permissions. Click allow.

Step 4: Now, your website name is visible with three features.

Step 5: Click Import again and that’s it.

When we go with Manual option:

Step 1: Click the Add Manually.

Step 2: You can add one project at a time.

Step 3: Your project is full configure, so you can’t edit later.

Audit your website:

A website audit is a tool that can maximize the performance of your page and can ignite all Problems parallel with SEO.

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 With the help of auditing, you can fix all the problems of your website and can also increase your overall traffic, and better than this tool you can’t get any other for your website for free.

Website Performance Evaluation:

You can evaluate your website with the help of the Ahrefs webmaster tool. Is there any technical SEO error of not? So, you can fix it with the help of a site audit tool.

Become familiar with pretty much all your backlinks

Backlink tells the authority of your website, Your backlink profile speaks to the destinations that connect to your site. Google screens the number of backlinks connected to your website to see the genuineness of your substance which at that point chooses its utility to the peruser on the search engine.

Ahrefs webmaster tool classifies your backlinks as per languages (do-follow/no-follow) and it makes you known about your backlinks. Also, provide data about your Domain Rating(DR), Referral domain (RD), and many more.

Ahrefs webmaster tool also shows organic traffic from each source of your backlink.

Shows Ranks Keyword

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool gives you the rundown of the apparent multitude of watchwords your site is positioning for. The device additionally helps you with a channel that sorts watchwords via search volume, Keyword Difficulty, the presence of SERP highlights in the indexed lists.

Ahrefs keyword difficulty helps in measuring your difficulty of the keyword in between 1 to 100.

Find Content Gap

Competitor’s page ranking on the top of the search engine makes a difference between your goal, it’s very important to know about your competitors so that you can also make changes and try to beat them.

Locate those valuable catchphrases and Cut this separation somewhere around going through Ahrefs. The Content Gap Tool and find puts on the web your site has never been too including the normal area rating among you and your rival.

What’s covered for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

Things that used to be paid earlier are now available for free through Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

These are some overview tab that shows your website’s overall performance under the site explorer page of Ahrefs webmaster tool.
  • URL Rating.
  • Domain Rating
  • Ahrefs rank.
  • Backlinks.
  • Organic Traffic.
  • Referring Domain.

Organic Search: Ahrefs webmaster tool help you in finding organic search value that keeps you update with your audience interest. It also shows your top-ranked keywords that your website ranks for.

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Backlink Information: It provides all backlink information. Ahrefs webmaster tool helps you in finding the most authenticated website where you can make backlinks. It also shows the amount of traffic from each backlink. 

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools vs Google Search Console



Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

Google Search Console

SEO health monitoring

It finds 100+ SEO issues and gives solution to overcome

It gives limited SEO issues


Gives detailed advice that how to fix a issues

Gives Limited Advice

Link Shown

It shows all known links

It shows only the top 1000 links

Page-level SEO metrics



Keyword showed

It shows all keywords related to your website.

It shows only the top 1000 keyword related to your website.

SEO metrics for keyword



Show Competitive Data



Ahrefs Webmaster tool: Pros and Cons 

  • It Finds your 100+ SEO issues.
  • You can find your top-ranked keyword.
  • Know about your backlinks.


  • Privacy can be a reasoning issue because it uses your private data.
  • Information Collection and Use



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