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Is soundproof blankets really works?

Soundproof blankets are the easiest, efficient, and affordable way to Soundproof your room and workplace without any doubt.

Soundproof blankets are made of fiberglass or polyester, that help in the absorption of sound.
• Soundproof blankets are work as insulators in case of sound.
• Soundproof blankets are also known as acoustic blankets that absorb noises.
Yes, Soundproof blankets are exactly the same as what’s it sound like. It is a very versatile and instant solution for ‘source’ noise control. Soundproof blankets are also called acoustic wraps or noise covers. Soundproof blankets are easily installed so that they could remove noises. It has many uses, it uses varies from person to person and their needs. 

How Soundproof blankets work?

As we have discussed earlier that Soundproof blankets are made up of polyester and fiberglass that absorb most of the noise and helps in bouncing off the sounds. Soundproof blankets have not any scientific working principle, it is not used only for noise control, but it also enhances voice quality where it is implemented because Soundproof blankets absorb most of the noise and enhance voice quality that is pleasant for your ears.

What are soundproof blankets used for?

In short, we can say that soundproof blankets used anywhere that requires sound reduction. Soundproof blankets have a variety of uses and it depends on individual needs. 
Soundproof blankets are used for anything like creating soundproof studios for recording audio for artistic efforts. It is very useful for your workshop where noisy sounds distract you from your work and it helps in insulating the street noise in a loud locality. 
With the help of Soundproof blankets, you can soundproof your individual room or a whole house. Soundproof blankets are ideal for singers, youtube streamers, and study purposes. The material that is used to make these blankets depends on you that what kind of effect you feel. 
Noise controlling ability varies from price and thickness. These blankets will get help to rid of higher decibel noise. 

How to buy good quality soundproof blankets and way to fix them properly

If you are thinking to buy soundproofing blankets, it is always recommended to ask about its STC rating and materials that are used to make it because its quality depends on its materials that were used. Many soundproof blankets are less effective that leak the sound from its edge.
When we talk about its process of applying, it’s too easy. You have to simply wrap it around the opening wall or window and seal it against an adjacent surface. You can do so itself and fix your noise issue. 

Examples of uses of soundproof blankets

 Study Space – If you are living in a very noisy area then soundproof blankets help you a lot in concentrate on your study and make a studying environment that with less outside noise. Indirectly it helps you in a carrier makes.
Home recording studio – you can make your home or a room like a home recording studio by applying soundproof blankets around the home’s wall and it makes you allow to record perfect audio or video without much background sound. So, it reduces your time and manpower by editing the video or audio for removing background sounds. 
Warehouses – Most of the time, you noticed that excess of noise at your workplace may make it tough to communicate with co-workers. So by applying soundproof blankets you can able to reduce noise and also enhance your voice when you communicate with co-workers. 
Making a quiet home – You can make your home peacefully by placing a soundproof blanket at your home’s door, windows, and walls. So you can reduce outsides noises and enhance in-house voice communication. Proper insulation of Soundproof blankets makes your home like heaven. 

Things to look for before buying soundproof blankets 

Design – There are lots of designs available out there in the market but the designs are categorized based on their soundproofing ability. The design that you should look for will be based on your needs and location. 
For example, if you are facing a little noise that distracts you then you should buy a soundproof blanket with acoustic quality that blocks even a small amount of noise. 
Thickness – As we know, as thicker the blankets it absorbs many noises. So it is better to buy medium-thick soundproof blankets. If you buy a thicker blanket then it is very hard to hang on the surface. It is always recommended to buy medium thicker soundproof blankets. 
Price – Don’t buy a cheaper soundproof blanket because it has a worse sound-absorbing ability that makes you disappointing. Try to buy an average price acoustic soundproof blankets otherwise if you have enough budget then go for the best quality Soundproof blankets. 
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