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5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1,000

True wireless earbuds have been a rage in the world of earphones since 1 year ago and the traditional earphones which are being used have been greatly damaged and the confidence of the people has shown so much that these earbuds have shown strength, availability, and comfort.

True wireless headphones have made a big leap in the tech world and have been so successful because it pairs very efficiently with your smart device that gives back to traditional earphones.
True wireless earphones are great for some other reasons than traditional earphones, such as working outside, listening with one ear and there are many reasons that make it the best. And you are really thinking of buying true wireless earphones and if your budget is 1,000, then check this article once.
7 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1,000

1.     Truck Fit 1

One of the best pick

2.     Syvo Bass Twins

Best for Outdoor option

3.     Bould Audio Airbass

Best Monopod

4.     Nu Republic Starbuds 3

2nd Best Pick

5.     i7S TWS

Lowest Price

6.     pTron Bassbuds Lite V2


7.     pTrons Bassbuds

Most Honorable

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     1. Truck Fit 1

Truck Fit 1 is a stylish and true wireless earbud in your budget. In which there is a bass-heavy sound signature, which gives you a different sound quality experience. These earbuds are available in the market of India within 1,000, which gives you a premium look.
Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1,000
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Design and Build Quality
  • The Truck Fit 1 earbuds are made of hard plastic due to which these are a good strength for the earbuds and the price at which it is available makes it even more comfortable. Because these earbuds are made of plastic, it is very light and easy to wear.
  • When you look at it from a distance you will feel that it is very bulky but it does not happen like this. These earbuds will fit perfectly in your particle and if you do any physical work, it will not come out of your ear.
  • Its packing case is also very good which makes you feel like a descent. And with this, you also get a micro USB charger.

Sound Quality and Battery Life

  • It is a stylish TWS that gives you very good sound quality. Its rich and deep voice makes it happier, you will not have any problem with the voice while watching songs and movies.
  • Let me tell you one thing very clearly that these TWS are not for gaming purposes. Anyway, wireless earphones are not considered good for gaming.
  • True Fit comes with a 50mAh battery capacity which provides you with service for 3–4 hours. Inside the charging case of this earphone, you have the option to use 900mAh batteries which gives 11 hours extra battery life to this earphone.

       2. Syvo Bass Twins

Syvo Bass Twins is such an earbud that gives real wireless paces to the Indian public in less than 1,000 budgets. This is stylish in air-buds.
Design and Build Quality
  • Syvo Bass Twins earbud’s case is also made of plastic, as we all knew. Talking about its quality and strength, it is the best in this range.
  • Because it is made of plastic, it is very light and comfortable to use for a long time.
  • Syvo Bass Twins has 4 LED lights to show battery consumption and battery charging. Due to having an IPX4 rating, it can also tolerate some water and you will be very helpful outdoor.

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Sound Quality and Battery Life
  • When it comes to sound quality, you must know that these earbuds come with a 10 mm speaker driver which will give you a great and very decent sound and also paves the bass very well.
  • When we see its features, there are some buttons in it so that you can control your music playlist. You may take some time to understand its settings but after a few days, you will become used too of it.
  • After charging the Syvo Bass Twins earbud, you can use it comfortably for 4-5 hours. And there is an option to charge 3 more times inside its charging case, then it gets full battery life of 13–14 hours.

         3. Bould Audio Airbass

Bould audio company is very popular in the Indian market for producing good products of wired earphones, Bluetooth, and headphones. This is a single earbud that comes for just one ear and no case comes with it.
5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1,000
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Design and Battery Life
  • This Bould Audio Airbass earbud is made from a special plastic which is very light and long-lasting. It is designed in a way that fits your ear perfectly.
  • This is a unipod that gives you the option of using the same earbud in both ears. The Bould Audio Airbass Earbuds does not come with a charging case but with it, you have a good quality USB charger and some buttons with it so that you can manually control your playlist.
  • These earbuds come with a battery capacity of 40mAh which once fully charged, you can use it for 5-7 hours. And these earbuds are also fully charged in 1 hour.

Sound Quality and Speaker

  • There is a 10 mm single monopod driver inside these earbuds which will be very pleasing to your ear. It gives a high-quality output that reaches your ears without any distortions.
  • When you put in your ears to listen to the songs of this earbud, you can feel the different stage separation and instruments of the music.

      4. Nu Republic Starbuds 3

The Nu Republic star buds 3 is our 2nd best pick of all because it is affordable and provides a range of good quality output. 
5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 1,000
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Design and Build Quality
  • As most of the airbags are made of plastic, Nu Republic Starbuds 3 is also made of plastic, but to be honest, its quality is average. The weight of both the earbuds and the charging case is very light, which will give you a lot of convenience in carrying anywhere.
  • These earbuds come in a transparent lead case. There is a risk of indentation due to the lead cases. It also has 4 LED lights, due to which it gets a more attractive look and also tells the condition of the battery.

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Sound Quality and Battery Life
  • It also has a 10 mm driver feature which provides a decent voice. Its bass and quality are slightly less than other earbuds, but you cannot speak poorly of it.
  • When you maximize the volume, you may have a slight distortion in the quality of the sound. But overall you have a good option in this range.
  •  Nu Republic Starbuds 3 only gives you 4-5 hours of battery life. The option of charging 4 more times inside its charging case, which increases its battery life to 20–22 hours and it also becomes full charge in 2 hours.

5. i7S TWS

This is the cheapest true wireless earbuds ever. However, it belongs to a dirty China company and you can buy it comfortably in the Indian market. Its price is just Rs.375.
Design and Build Quality
  • Talking about its design, i7S TWS is also designed like the Apple second-generation AirPods. To be honest, it is also made of plastic but it does not have much quality compared to all other earphones.
  • Inside the charging case, 2 light lights have been inserted which indicates the state of charging. One thing that should be clear that its design is just like Apple, not the sound and other quality. 

Sound Quality and Battery Life

  • It has 4 mm driver features inside, which provides the quality of sound properly. Do not expect good bass and sound separation in this airbus. If you use more in the hallway, then you will have some difficulty.
  • This earbud comes with a 50mAh battery capacity which can give you a backup of 3-4 hours. Its battery case can charge 2 times, which increases its battery life to 6-7 hours.



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