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COVID-19 Vaccine important Update | Which Country will get the COVID Vaccine First | Side-Effects Of COVID vaccines.

There has been a huge update about Covid-19 and you must know about this update because we all know that the whole world is struggling with Covid-19. So we will talk about the same update. Which country will be given Covid-19 first and whether it has any side effects that people must know

This news is very happy for the whole world because more results are coming out about Covid-19 than our scientists had expected. This life-giving and important vaccine is all under-developed which will soon be released among us, which Covid-19 will be able to beat.
A lot of questions are arising in the minds of all of us about this vaccine, such as the date by which it will be made available to the general public, how effective this vaccine will be, whether any side effects can be found, and which country will get it first. So let’s see the answer to all these questions in this article.

What is the Vaccine and How Vaccine works?

You can understand vaccines basically like a mock exam. Like before the board exam, we give a pre-board exam so that our preparation can be done properly. So this is the pre-board exam.

The vaccine already makes our immune system strong for that mock exam. Vaccine tells our antibodies that ‘you have to generate antibodies in this way’ and ‘fight it in the same way’. So with the help of a Vaccine, one can get rid of more Pathogens(Pathogens are all Bateria, Germs, Fungus, etc) in less time.

Status Of these Vaccines

In the USA, there are currently 4 potential candidates under development for the vaccine and at the forefront Moderna Company, Moderna Company started its human trail in March itself.
The Moderna Company started its Phase 3 trial on July 26, in which 30,000 volunteers took part. On the 14th of November, he drank the result of the preliminary analysis trail in which he found that 94% of the vaccine is effective.
The second vaccine that the world is expecting is the Pfizer vaccine and this vaccine is being made in Germany. He completed the Phase 3 trial on 43,000 people and found that his vaccine is 95% effective. The most important is that its efficacy is not affected by the age of the people.
But there is a problem with both these vaccines that it keeps them in deep-freeze, whose temperature should be around -75 degrees Celsius. So the transportation of it becomes very challenging. Logistic experts say that India currently has the potential to store up to -40 degrees.

Is there any Side-Effect of COVID-19 Vaccines?

You will know that vaccines also have side-effects and on the basis of how savior or dangerous these side-effects are, we can decide how safe it is to take the vaccine. The good news is that both these Moderna and Pfizer do not have any fatal side effects, but there are many small side effects. Such as fatigue, joint pain, and fever may also occur.
This means that if you take vaccines then there is a 2% chance that you may have a fever. Where you will take an injection there will be pain and from that, there can be fever and you will feel it only for at most 2 days. Apart from this, no other side effects were found and companies are still monitoring it.
But we should also think about the long-term prospect of taking the side effect because the companies are now making vaccines very quickly and no one is thinking that even after a long time any side-effect can be seen. But the FDA is trying to take care of this as well and we can only hope that the vaccine arrives early and the covid is over.
According to experts, whatever side effects occur, they are detected in 6 weeks on a common round, so there is no need to panic about taking a long term.

Which Country and who should get the COVID Vaccine First?

Many questions arise about who should get the vaccine first? More people believe that the first line vaccine should be given to the front line warriors, who put their lives on the claim that the lives of others will be children. Should old people be vaccinated first or young people? This is also a very popular question.
Many people believe that there is more risk on old people, some people are arguing that there is more danger to the lives of young people because they meet more people, then they should get the vaccine first.
When talking about the country, which country will get the vaccine first. Will it happen that the country is Aamir, it will buy before giving more money?
Let me tell you that many countries have committed advance purchase, they have given money to companies and have said that if your vaccine works, then you give us dosages. So it is a risk that takes the country. The advance purchase commitment gives some security to those countries.
There is an advantage in India because India sends other vaccines to the whole world, so if the vaccine is licensed, then India will definitely get the vaccine.
WHO and other health organizations have created a plan for COVAX, and according to COVAX, they will distribute these vaccines in 192 countries before the end of 2021 and India is one of them.



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