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How to enable parental control in our children’s smartphone?

In the COVID-19 pandemic, all the colleges and schools were closed and all the children stayed at home to study. When online classes started, the parents were scared to give mobile phones to small children, in such a situation it becomes very important that they do not misuse them at this young age. So in this article, we will talk about how to enable parental control in our children’s smartphones.

In this case, the family link or parent control enabling becomes very important, which has been launched by Google. With which you can control your children’s mobile phone and you can give as much access as you want and you will be able to include as many applications as you want.

Recently, Google launched a free parent application that will help in controlling Android devices. In view of this, Apple also emphasized this feature with its recent iOS 12 updates. These features can protect your children from the bad effects of smartphones.

How Parental Control App works?

1. Limit Screen Time
Google’s Family Link app also gives more permission with daily use so that you can set a time limit on your child’s smartphone at bedtime and the screen will lock itself after the deadline is over and he needs to open it again, can send a request.
You can also download the application onto an Apple phone to screen what a kid with an Android telephone is doing. You can’t, in any case, utilize the application to set controls on the youngster’s iPhone distantly.
2. Control Access to Apps and Content

The android operating system has made the work of parents a little easier because you can set up more than one user account in it. It restricts the use of the device in your child’s hand and you will have no problem thinking about your phone with children.

Even if your child has his personal phone, you can manage it easily by logging into your account and managing it on Android phones. And you can easily do this by downloading the free Google Family Link app from the Android App Store.

After downloading, Google will ask you to create an account, which will be used by your own phone for the use of your child. It will also give you the freedom to decide what kind and restrictions you want to use and how much you want to allow the child to use.

There are some apps like Photos, Gmail, Maps which are already installed in which you can not apply restriction. Once you complete all these processes then your child can use your phone to access the restricted account. With all this, you can track your children’s activity with phones and they can’t download any apps without your wish.

3. Protect Your Child’s Privacy

In today’s era of social media, children post everything about their daily routine on social media and in such a situation it can be difficult to keep personal information private and in such a situation, this family link helps you a lot.

With the help of this family-friendly link, you can prevent your children from sharing Google photos with others and Google limits the ability so that your information will be protected with your children’s web searches, voice messages, and all other activities. With this, you can block most of the social media access by selecting the appropriate app and Settings.

How to set up parental controls on your children’s smartphone?

The following step-by-step guide is given, then follow this to set up parental control.
  1. First of all, download the family link on both phones. Both the children and the parent link.
  2. If Google asks you for some permissions for this, then you should give those permissions.
  3. After giving all the permission, a code will be generated in the parent’s phone, by which you click on the child’s phone’s Google account and give that link there.
  4. Now the account that you had created with a name will show on your child’s phone, you just click that and press the button of join and press the done button on the parent’s phone.
  5. The child’s phone will take 2–3minutes’ time to join and ask for some permissions that you have to give.
  6. Now you can restrict your child’s phone and you can take the access you want.

When you use it, you can lock the screen of the child’s phone whenever you want and for as long as you want. Apart from this, if your child’s phone is lost somewhere, then you can find out from the play sound button because the phone will start ringing. And by going to the apps, you can check your children’s applications.

But I would also like to mention that in the last, the child should also be given some freedom, whether it is in technology or in sports, it is also important for them.



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