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iOS 14 with new Features, iOS 14 will be better than before | Know special features

In iOS 14, you can organize all the apps present on the phone in one place. Apple has named it the App Library. Apart from this, after the iOS 14 update, you will get a new design of the widget. Apart from this, the new update will get a new interface with FaceTime, Voice Call, and Siri Co.

Apple introduced iOS 14, the iPhone’s next operating system. iOS 14 is the new version of iOS, the operating system of the Apple iPhone, which Apple explained in its developer conference. Let’s know what new features are available in this new version of iOS.

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The most common changes to iOS 14 are seen in commonly used items. With this new version, the more used features have become much easier than before and the apps that are always used have become more secure than before.

Changes have been made in this new version in such a way that whatever is needed is easily found.

iOS 14 features and changes

The first new feature on the home screen in iOS 14 is Widget. Now Apple’s iOS 14 can bring Widget to the home screen so that the user will get more information at a glance and any work will be done quickly. You can choose the size of these widgets as per your choice and keep them as you want.
Apart from this, Smart Stack has been given with the widget, in which there will be more used apps by the user. These are made according to the most used app and Widget appears at the right time.
A new App Library is available in iOS 14 which automatically arranges all the apps so that they can be run easily. In this, the app is separated according to its category and usage.
Now all the Calls coming to the iPhone will appear inside a small design and it will not take full part of the screen. Now Picture-in-Picture mode has also come in iOS 14, in which you can play any other app and also watch your video. Can continue. That is, you can use FaceTime Call or other apps while watching videos in this feature.
Picture in Pictures You can enlarge or shrink the size of windows or keep it from one place to another. This feature is already available in Android and has been liked a lot. iOS 14 brings new Memoji and stickers, which can be customized with new hairstyles, headwear styles. You can pin your favorite conversations to the top of the message. Siri now comes with a new Compact design and can also send audio messages.
Apart from this, iOS 14 has the App Clips feature, in which users can use the special feature of an app without downloading the entire app. iOS 14 includes many new features and changes like this, which is completely different from iOS 13. With this version, the iPhone has included features that were available in Android. This new version of iOS supports phones from iPhone 6S onwards.

Interface improved – iOS 14

In addition to the improved and redesigned Siri Assistant in the iOS 14 operating system, better security and privacy features are also being provided for its Safari browser. The brand has also brought an in-built translator and now iPhone users will not need Google for translation. In addition to incoming calls, iOS 14 users will get a new picture-in-picture mode. Apple users can now select default apps for email and web browsers.



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