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7 Best Gaming Earphones under Rs1,000 : The best earphones with mic | TechKnow World

Perhaps this is the world of wireless and true wireless earphones, but the quality of wired earphones is hard to beat. When it comes to wired earphones, we did a lot of research and brought 7 great gaming earphones for you under Rs1,000.

As we all know that sometimes Bluetooth earphones are a very useless option for gaming and in this case, both the importance and the need for wired earphones for gaming increases.

There are hundreds of earphones available in the market from different branded companies and choosing one of them is not an easy task. But after this “Gaming Earphones” article, you will be able to comfortably choose the best earphone as per your requirement.

Here, is the list of 7 best gaming earphones under Rs1,000.

Wired Earphones Name

Price (in Rs)

Realme Buds 2


Boat Basshead 225


PTron Boom 3


MI Dual Driver




5. Realme Buds 2 

The Wired Gaming Earphone at number five in our list is Realme Buds 2 and if you are looking for a wired earphone in this price range, you will not find anything better than this.

11.2 mm drivers are available with Realme Buds 2 and its base quality is very good, its base is not very big at all, its vocal is not mixed with its base which I like very much.

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Important Features:

  • 11.2MM Drivers
  • Magnetic EarTips
  • Extra Heavy Bass
  • Volume Controller
  • In Build Microphone
  • Tangle Free Braided Cable

Build Quality:

Talk about its build quality, then you get to see Tangle Free Braided Cable. The speaker’s chamber is plastic build but its plastic quality is kept decent and is also magnetic. So overall build quality is also perfect in this price range, if your budget is the same then it should be your first preference.

4. Boat Basshead 225

The next number is the Boat Basshead 225 and if you want to quiet the Chinese product then you can go towards the wired earphone of this boat. Let me tell you that, Comfort Wise this earphone is a bit dull but in sound quality, it is better than Realme Buds.

Its base is boosted as compared to other earphones but its tables are also high along with it. The in-build microphone is available with this, but you do not get any volume lockage.

Important Features:

  • 10MM Drivers
  • Tangle Free Wire
  • Metallic EarTips
  • Super Extra Bass
  • In Build Microphone

Build Quality:

Speaking of build quality, the Boat Bashed 225 earphones are compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices. In addition, you get to see the polished metal body with a tangle-free flat cable. Its colors are also very cute, which comes with your attitude.

3. PTron Boom 3

Our next earphone PTron Boom 3 is exclusively for gaming. You can find it in the surround of 600 and its main highlight is that it is a dual driver earphone. Also, you get 4 drivers of 8MM with this earphone.

Its sound separation is very amazing and it gives you Deep Bass with Balanced Tones for a Perfect Musical Experience. With this, you also get a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Important Features:
  • 8MM 4 Drivers
  • Dual Dynamic Drivers
  • Anti Tangle Cable
  • Volume Slider
  • In Build Microphone
Build Quality:

Talking about the build quality of PTron Boom 3, you get an anti-tangle cable with it. These build microphones have also been embedded. The best thing that I found in this is its volume controller, you get the volume slider for the volume control in it. With the overall PTron Boom 3, you get Premium Design & Durable Material which is great.

2. MI Dual Driver

If you prefer build quality more than the sound quality in the dual-driver earphone, then you can take MI Dual Driver earphones for 800 by paying 200 rupees extra. The sound quality is not bad, but the earphones that we have on our list are much better in terms of sound quality.

Of course, you can use it in the era of gaming earphones. With the Mi Dual Driver earphones, you also get support for passive noise cancellation along with rich bass quality. This removes all unwanted noise outside.

Important Features:
  • 10mm & 8mm Dynamic Drivers.
  • Dual Dynamic Driver.
  • Anti-Tangle Cable
  • In-build Microphone.
  • 90° close-fitting design

Build Quality:
As I said earlier, it’s build quality and better than all listed earphones. With this, you get the support of Tangle-Free Braided Cable and Magnetic Airconds. It is very comfortable for your ears so that you can sleep while wearing it.

1. JBL C100SI

Now moving to some premium brands and the JBL C100SI is next and will cost around 700, its higher version is also the JBL C200SI which costs 200 more, but you don’t get any extra features in it, so should go with the JBL C100SI.

Talking about its sound quality, its special high tone and vocals are very impressive. Yes, but the base is not very large, yet you get a good base that will be perfect for gaming and it also has a noise-canceling microphone.
Important Features:
  • 9MM Drivers
  • 45 Degree Angled
  • Heavy Bass
  • JBL signature sound
  • In Build Microphone
  • Tangle-free Cable

Build Quality:

Its buds are made of plastic and the quality of the plastic is also kept quite well. You will get the anti-tangle wire and its design is very Sleek, Glossy & Ergonomic design. The cable length will be 1.2m and will also get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

So this is one of the best pics of some of our wired earphones, whose Amazon links have been given to you, once you definitely check with Amazon. If you get all these earphones with a decent look and also very good sound quality, then definitely check them out.


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