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Quora Partner Program | How to join Quora Partner Program for free in 2021

There have been a lot of rumors that the Quora Partner Program has been closed forever? But this is really a rumor, it has nothing happened with the Quora Partner Program. The Quora Partner Program was closed for a few days due to the COVID epidemic, but it will be resumed. So here we are going to talk about what is the Quora Partner Program, what does it works, and how can you join it.

What is Quora Partner Program?

If we talk about 2–4 years from today, then Google or YouTube was the only company that gave a direct slit of advertisement in India to its publisher. But slowly the time changed and in this Facebook came to take its advertisement network, another acquitted company came into this field 1 year ago which is Quora Partner Program.
As we know, Quora is a globally professional platform of questioning answering, don’t take it lightly because it has just given back to Yahoo answering, which was a giant at this time. Quora decided that those who do questioning answering in it should give them a chance to earn money from advertisement.
Quora launched its partner program in October 2018. Before this, I should also tell you that Quora’s Alexa ranking is 81 globally, and its ranking in the US is 45, so you can guess how big this website is. Joining its partner program may be the right decision for you. 
For a long time, people made money from Quora via Indirect way and also sent traffic to other media modes and earning, then Quora launched its own program and Quora also launched its Quora Tube which is similar to YouTube That is known by very few people.

How do your questions earn money?

  • After joining Quora partner, the amount of traffic your question or answer will generate, accordingly, you will earn money from Quora.
  • Traffic on your question answer can come from two sources: external and internal.
  • The more Ad impression you will have on your question or answer, the more money you will get from quora.
  • In the initial days, you will get less income but gradually your income will be good.

Why we should use Quora? 

Quora gets +620 million visitors per month and this question answering website comes under the top 80 websites the all over world. A lot of people wonder why should we answer or question, go to Quora, because Quora is a huge platform, it gets a lot of traffic, if one of your questions gets ranked in Quora, then it takes so much traffic can give a lot of visitors to your website or Youtube channel.
Affiliate links are put in the middle of the answer of Quora by which people earn millions with the help of Quora. Light Quora does not give you its permission and if you do more then your account can be suspended. So Indirect Ways, there were a lot of Quora Partner Program, so that people will be able to earn from direct Quora.

How does Quora Partner Program pay you?

  • Quora Program will pay you with PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account and PayPal should be connected to your Indian Bank account.
  • You can update your PayPal account from Quora on the Quora Partner tab itself. This is a good feature.

How to join Quora Partner Program for free?

When we talk about it, the first question that comes to our mind is how should we enroll in it? The Quora Partner Program is currently on an invite basis, that is, you will receive an invite link via mail that Congratulation we give you a chance to join our Quora Partner Program.
The link that you will get from that link, you will signUp the Quora Program and this invitation will only come to those who are already registered in Quora and who show their interest in Quora. You should have Questions and Answers Genuine so that Quora will trust you and if you do this then you will definitely be invited.
What you should Do to rank in Quora?
The first thing for the Quora Partner Program is that you have to create a good and attractive profile, you have to write what you know about the subject, in this way, Quora will also get to know what you know. Try to get as many questions and answers as possible so that your profile gets maximum views. You should continue to use quora and ask genuine questions and also answer questions related to your subject. All these factors will depend on whether Quora will send you a link to the partner program or not?
After this, your strategy should be that you ask such questions that are being searched very much, but they are not on Question Quora, this will mean that there will be a lot of views on your question and your question will rank in the search results. Ad impressions will come and because of this, you will get maximum revenue.
After how many days of joining Quora can a person get a mail for Quora Partner Program from Quora?
There is no fixed time that Quora will send you an invite link after how many days.
So you just pay attention to your questions and provide unique and Genuine questions to Quora, which increases your chances of getting an invitation link. According to Quora’s algorithm, if you get the result, then you have to work according to it, then it will be beneficial.

We get to know about the quora partner program and how you can make money with the quora partner program. You can also visit quora’s official website for more information. I hope this article is helpful for you and you can also make money with quora. If you have not to join quora yet, just join it now.



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