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Google Drive tips and tricks
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9 Useful Google Drive tips and tricks in 2021

Google Drive is the most popular application of Google that you can use on your smartphone or desktop, to store any of your files or data on the cloud. So you should know every tip and trick of this Google drive application.

Google Drive is installed in almost every smartphone user smartphone, but many people do not know how to use it. Most people use it only for uploading files. So today we will talk about some such tips and tricks of Google Drive, after which you will be able to use it in the best way.

Firstly, we will talk about some simple tricks of google drive then we will talk about some advanced google drive tips and tricks.

1. Share folder directly with google drive

You can upload the folder that you have uploaded to Google Drive, you can also share it directly with Google Drive, and to do this you follow the steps given below.
  • Open google drive application.
  • Click on that particular folder.
  • You will get a link share on the option.
  • With that option, you can also capable to select sharing settings.
  • Like you just want to give him permission for reading or both read and write.

2. Save image from the link

Just like you search for an image on the Internet and you like it, but if you do not have to download it now, you can copy the link of that image to direct Google Drive.
To copy the link in Google Drive, right-click on that image, you will get the option of copy the link in Google Drive and you can store it and keep it.

3. Save image directly on google drive from the internet

To do this, you will need the Chrome extension, and its name is saved in Google Drive, add it to your Chrome, and with the help of this extension, you will be able to right click and save the image directly to Google Drive.

4. Create new files with shortcuts

Normally, if we have to open a new file, then we first open Google Drive, then go to the file and open a new file, whether it is Google doc or Google Sheets. This process is very long and time-consuming.
You can also open it in a shortcut way and to do this you just have to write or in Google Chrome in the URL section. This will allow you to open the direct doc file or slide sheets.

5. Bypass file size limit of Gmail with Google Drive

As many people know that you cannot send more than 25MB files from Gmail to anyone, sometimes you have trouble sending files larger than 25MB, but with the help of this tech tip, you can bypass the limit of file size with google drive.
Follow these steps to do so:
  • Open Gmail and click on the compose mail button.
  • Click on Google Drive Icon.
  • Select the file that is bigger than 25MB.
  • Now, it shows you a warning that it can only be sent through the drive link.
  • Lastly, simply click on the upload button and you are done.

6. Access google drive files offline

You can also access files and folders of Google Drive offline and for that you just have to do some changes in the settings of Google Drive, after that, you will be able to access it offline. Follow these steps to do so.
  • Go to google drive settings and click on the General tab.
  • You will see there an offline option.
  • Just enable this option to access offline.

7. Version History in Google drive

Very few of you will know about this tech tip. If someone else is accessing your Google Drive and messing with any of your files, then how do you recover? You can recover data for up to 100 days and for me personally it is the best feature of Google Drive.
As if you made a change in a file some time ago and you want to see it as before, then you right-click on it and go to the options of Manage Versions, there you will get to see different versions and you will also be able to download it.

8. Hide files in Google drive

Sometimes it happens that we have to share Google Drive with our colleagues and in such a situation our privacy is in danger, but now after knowing this trick, you will be able to hide your secret files very easily.
Follow these simple steps very carefully to do so
  • Firstly make a folder with any specific name.
  • Put your secret file into this folder.
  • Now right-click on that folder and go to manage versions options.
  • Add another file in that folder and now close the manage version tab.
  • You have to rename that folder with any other name to hide that file.
  • Now, your file is hidden, only another one will be visible. Try it once.

9. You can edit any image that contains context with google drive.

With the help of Google Drive, you can edit the photo of any newspaper, book, or any written material by clicking on it. Like if you want to convert a hard copy to a soft copy, then you can use this method, this will save you a lot of time.
Follow these steps to do so:
  • Right-click on that file.
  • Click on open-with options and open it with google docs.
  • In-build OCR of google drive work on it and make it easy to edit.
After reading the Google Drive Tips and Tricks article, you will definitely start using this application more. Because the Google Drive application is from Google, you can trust it and can store all your data in it.
By storing data in it, the storage of your phone will also be favorable. Hopefully, Google Drive Tips Tricks will be helpful for you.



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