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Difference Between MI and Redmi : All details about Redmi and MI

Mobile phones create a huge impact on an individual’s lifestyle and habits. There exists a whole world consisting of mobile technology and brands, choosing one among them is one of the most hectic tasks. Talking about MI and Redmi, both of them are brands of Xiaomi which is a Chinese company manufacturing smartphones, laptops, home appliances, etc. 

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by lei Jun. Xiaomi released its Redmi note 4 and became India’s No1 smartphone brand. The sales of Redmi phones kept on increasing and the phones were getting sold out within minutes of launch. Xiaomi has many products including MI series, MI note series, Redmi, poco series. They have sales-based marketing where they earn their profits by high volume sales. Their products are cost-friendly, efficient, and value for the price.  

In 2018, Xiaomi became the world’s 4th largest phone manufacturer, leading in two of the largest markets i.e China and India (because of the population). It presently has 16,700 employees worldwide. They have a vast business expanded in many countries such as

Singapore, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, the middle east, and many regions of Europe.

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Xiaomi is a billion-dollar industry with millions of users worldwide. MI is the flagship brand of Xiaomi and Redmi is the budget series. The latest model of MI is the Xiaomi Mi 10i. Other smartphones are Redmi power 9, Xiaomi Mi 11, Redmi note 9 4G, Redmi note 9 pro 5G, Redmi K30s, Redmi 9, Redmi 10X, Mi 10, Mi Note 10, Redmi 8, and many more. 

Users can choose from this vast range of smartphones according to their desires, budget, and preferences. In India, it is a very popular brand as the population of the middle class is very vast, the demand for cheap phones is very high in the market, Xiaomi meets the demands of the customers of India. 

Xiaomi has also been awarded as the budget phone of the year in 2019. Offering a smartphone with such a low cost that meets all the demands of users is a difficult task. There is a lot of competition in the market when it comes to the technology market but the quality and reliability of Xiaomi phones are top-notch. It has three brands – Redmi, Mi, Poco phone. Users can choose among a various range of products Xiaomi has to offer.  

Here, is the main difference between MI and Redmi:


  • Xiaomi is best known for its cheap, durable smartphones which are affordable and reliable. 

  • MI brand compromises Xiaomi’s premium smartphones and Redmi devices are more pocket friendly and value for money. 

  • Redmi mobiles have basic or entry-level specializations and have a comparatively lower price.

  • The price range of MI can vary from 4,000-60,000 whereas Redmi costs 2,500- 30,000.


  • Both of the phones have noticeable differences, MI smartphones have better quality as compared to Redmi phones.

  • MI phones are made up of metal which succeeds it in the drop test and is more trendy and gives the premium feel to the users which they paid for whereas Redmi phones are also made up of metal like every other smartphone but some parts of Redmi phones are made from plastic.

  • MI phones are slimmer and thinner as compared to Redmi phones.

 Camera quality

  • Camera quality also differs between MI and Redmi, MI phones have better camera quality because of the higher price. 

  • Redmi phones are primarily used for taking average photos for everyday activities. 

  • MI has better focus, multi-frame support, High resolution, better zooming quality, etc.

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  • The processor in MI is the latest in the market with excellent performance and Redmi phones come with Mediatek Helio, Snapdragon 800 to support basic tasks, Heavy games and software cannot function in it. 

  • MI’s processor is an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which supports all the software and assists gaming.


  • MI phones have back made up of glass which can be a little fragile and high maintenance, constant care has to be taken in case of these phones such as screen-guards, back glass guards, back covers, etc. 

  • Redmi phones have metal backs which make them more durable and reliable, no extra cost is levied in the maintenance of Redmi phones just a back cover for your convenience and you are good to go.  


  • MI phones are more reliable as they can perform many tasks at once, they do not hang easily because of the top-notch processor.

  • Redmi phones may hang when more applications are used which makes them less reliable as compared to MI phones.

 User experience

  • MI phones have target customers who are looking for a premium phone which allows them to use multiple applications at once, assist with heavy gaming, running heavy software, etc.

  • Redmi smartphones are task-oriented or consumer-oriented, as they are more concerned about daily activities such as calling, messaging, using social media networks, etc.

 Software updates

  • MI phones are always in touch with the latest software trends in the technology market and keep on updating the phones with minimal bugs. Software updates in Mi are more efficient, fast, and dynamic. 

  • Redmi also updates its software but not as constantly as MI but it has minimal bugs just like MI software updates.


Both MI and Redmi phones are good for their costs. Customers who are looking for a phone which has a good camera quality, a fast processor, frequent software updates, is more reliable, high maintenance, premium looking appearance but with slightly higher prices can go for MI phones. 

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More task-oriented users, who have no desire for premium appearance, want a phone which is efficient for its cost, support them in basic tasks like calling, SMS, average camera, and are more durable can go for Redmi phones




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