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How to fix Airtel sim not showing network problem

Friends, it often happens that our Airtel does not show the SIM network, so we are going to talk about solving the Airtel network problem. I sincerely hope that by the end of this article you will get over this problem “Airtel sim not showing network“.

Airtel sim not showing network
How to fix Airtel sim not showing network problem | TechKnow World


However, there may be many reasons for not having a network show. Most people sometimes get rid of this problem themselves, but some people do not know. So here we will discuss 5 such settings which after implementing your “Airtel sim not showing network” problem will be solved 100%.

Here, are the 5 settings that solve your Airtel sim network issue.

1. In the first setting, you have to turn on the flight mode, after that, you switch off your smartphone and once again remove your Airtel SIM card and install it again. Now turn on your phone and then turn off the flight mode, by doing all this, about 50% of the problem is solved and your Airtel SIM network starts showing.
2. Even after applying the first set, if you do not have a network show of your Airtel SIM then you do not panic, we have other measures that will make your Airtel SIM network show.
First, go to Settings and then click on Dual SIM and Cellular Network, after this, you will see SIM Management. Now select the problem you are facing in your specific SIM, then go to the carrier option below, and then turn off the automatic search option.
Turn it off and select it manually so that whatever network you have will be shown to you. You select this network and after that, your network problem should be fixed.
3. In our third way, we will re-set the network settings of our phone, sometimes we disturb the settings so much that the network does not show. Be aware that all we have to do is re-set the network settings.
To reset the network settings, you first have to go to the settings and then click on the additional settings. After that, you go to backup & reset and click on reset system settings, and you are done with reset system settings.

By doing this, your SIM setting, call settings, and all other settings will become the default settings as in the new phone.

4. Our fourth way is by taking the system update, sometimes even by not updating the system, there is a problem in the SIM network. Once you check your system update, if it has come, then you must update it, this should solve your Airtel sim not showing network problem.
5. If even after doing all this, you are having a network issue, then after adopting this fifth method, your problem will be resolved.
You can call Airtel Customer Care from another phone, sometimes due to some technical issue or problem in your Airtel SIM, you also have network problems. So talk to customer care and ensure the problem.


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