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schedule a message on WhatsApp
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How to schedule a message on WhatsApp| Whatsapp new update

First of all, let me tell you that the WhatsApp Message Schedule feature has not come in WhatsApp yet, but you can easily do this feature through a third-party application. It is also believed that the WhatsApp Message Schedule feature will be introduced within WhatsApp soon.

First of all, we would like to send our friends and loved ones a happy birthday or any auspicious day. To do this, we often have to stay awake till 12 o’clock at night and no one likes to spoil their sleep, but you cannot even make your loved ones destitute. But now there is no need to wake up till 12 noon to wish the birthday.

Today we have brought a solution to this dilemma for you, now you can schedule any message and an automatic send will be done at the time fixed by you. Actually, no such features have come in WhatsApp yet, but as we said earlier, you will be able to schedule your WhatsApp message with the help of a third-party application.

How to schedule the WhatsApp messages on Android?

As we mentioned earlier, WhatsApp has not added any official feature of message scheduling. But you will be able to implement the WhatsApp Message Schedule feature in your Android smartphone with the help of a third-party SKEDit application. So let’s know how you will install this app step by step.
Step 1: First, download and install the SKEDit application from the Play Store.
Step 2: After installing, open the app and sign in with the same phone number from which you have WhatsApp.
Step 3: Open the Main Menu of the SKEDit application.
Step 4: After doing all this SKEDit application will ask you for some permission, you grant it. Now tap on the Enable Accessibility option, then go to the SKEDit option and turn on the toggle.
Step 5: From that point onward, return to the application, where you will plan your message. To begin with, pick the one to send the message and afterward send your message. Presently set the date and time. Here you will likewise get an alternative if you need to save this message.
Step 6: Now you scroll down a little, the final toggle option will appear, after that, you will see the option of Ask Me Before Sending and this option will provide you with dual options.
Step 7: In the event that you plan it on, at that point prior to sending the message it will send you a notice, which will be sent simply in the wake of tapping on it. Simultaneously, in the event that you turn this alternative off, it will send this message without sending notices. In the event that you need to wish a companion a birthday, at that point you can likewise keep it off.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

As we all know, the Apple company does the opposite of Android, so there is no third-party app for the scheduled WhatsApp message for Apple phones. But we have brought a way for you to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhones as well.
On the iPhone, we will do a WhatsApp message schedule with the help of the Siri Shortcuts app, which is an Apple application. So let’s see how you can send WhatsApp messages from Siri Shortcuts app after a certain time.
Step 1: Download and install the Siri shortcuts app from the app store.
Step 2: Click on the automation option given below.
Step 3: Look at the top-right corner, you will see an icon of + then click on Create Personal Automation.
Step 4: After this, you will get the option to set time and date, when you send that message, you fix the date and time accordingly.
Step 5Now click on Add Action and search by typing text, now select the text from below.

Step 6Go to the text option and write the message that you have to schedule.
Step 7: After this, you will get some options, out of which you have to select Send Message via WhatsApp and finally click on the Done button.
The thing to note is that in this manner you can just timetable messages inside seven days, which is somewhat less time. However, it is smarter to not message the timetable, by embracing this multi-week technique to wish companions on their birthday.



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