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Pros and Cons of fiber optic cable
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Pros and Cons of fiber optic cable: fiber optic cable Used For? | TechKnow World

A fiber optic cable is a cable that is several times thinner than your hair, which is mainly made of lead and is used to transfer data to this thin string.

When the data entered the fiber optic cable, it first converts to light form and then transmits it like a zick-zack from inside the fiber optic cable. These thin thin wires send the light signal far enough and they act such that the signal strength is not reduced due to the distance being too long. This makes for a continuous high-speed connection.

So, today we will talk about and know about the pros and cons of using fiber optic cable because it is very important to know the pros and cons of fiber optic cable before you think to invest in this.

What is Fiber Optic Cables?

Have you ever thought about how you get Emails and any other information from any corner of the world within a blink of an eye? This has been made possible by a network of cables and these fiber optic cables carry most of the world’s data. These cables are used to connect our world today and capable of transmitting information across countries and oceans. 
Optical fiber cables are made up of thousands of fiber strands and a single fiber strand is as thin as a human hair. Optical fibers carry information in the form of light. 
Generally, there are 2 types of fiber optical cables. The first is single-mode and the second is multi-mode. Single-mode fiber optic cables use thin strands from glass and lasers to produce all significant light. The same, multi-mode fiber optic cables use LEDs to generate light passing through the strand.

What are Fiber Optic Cables Used For?

Fiber optic cable was previously used for business purposes or big companies but now it is being used in homes also. Now we are living in a world where working from home is our biggest need and in such a situation it is very important to have a reliable and direct internet connection.
  • Fiber optics cables are the new transmission medium used by Telephone companies in place of long-distance trank links.
  • Fiber optic cables are also used by private companies in implementing local data communication network.

Pros of Fiber optic cables

  • Smaller in size, lighter, in weight, flexible and strong
  • The cross-section of an optical fiber is about a few hundred microns.
  • Optical fibers are quite flexible and strong.
  • Faster connection speed
  • Not affected by interference
  • Users’ privacy is protected.
  • Can include many connections

If you have to transfer data away from the copper wire, there is a fear of losing data when it comes close to electromagnetic interference. There is no fear of data loss in the fiber optic cable and ensuring an even faster connection.

Cons of Fiber optic cables

  • More expensive
  • Can damage easily
  • Installation and maintenance of optical fibers required a new set of skills.
  • More difficult and expensive to splice than wires.
  • Need for more expensive optical transmitters and receivers.

Well, it is not surprising, because fiber optic cables provide the best service, it will be expensive. The price for a large company is reasonable but for consumers who are looking for a good internet connection in their homes, it is very expensive. lists 8-meter cables for between $ 150-200.

They require specialized and costly equipment like optical time-domain reflectometry etc. there are many other things that will stretch your bill for sure. Even though, some customers are ready to invest that much because of fiber optic cable fastest service.

Fiber optic cables are even thinner than human hair so it can damage quite easily and also tough to find the fault. Sometimes using fiber optic cable is quite risky because eventually, it shut down when a single fault occurs in the line.  


In this article, we came to know about the pros and cons of fiber optic cable as well as we saw the advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic cable. So when you think about fiber optic, then you should know everything about it. We have mentored as many things in this article as you should know before taking this cable.



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