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Essential Gadgets for Remote workforce

The best part of the current era is the digital transformation and the ability of the Remote workforce. Yes! Now you can work from anywhere around the world. For any telecommuting position, it’s compulsory to have all the necessary equipment. Some companies mention requirements for equipment in the job description.

While other companies let you work on a Mac or a PC, you must have a Windows Operating System for transcription jobs and customer service. From the past few years, people worldwide invented an amazing thing that is more efficient, exciting, and ergonomic for remote workers. However, the following are some gadgets that may help you improve your remote workforce.

  1. Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are essential for every remote worker because you’ll have a better and comfortable working posture once you have them. You’ll be able to elevate your laptop easily and look straight forward instead of looking down. Thus, it will make your remote working experience more ergonomic. Laptop stands also allow you to adjust the height, no matter whether you’re sitting or standing by it.

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Laptop stands from different companies are portable, but their standing and folding capability vary according to the brands. Some laptops can rise up to 12 inches from the surface, while others have 10 inches capability. But it will make your working posture comfortable in just a few seconds.

  1. Cordless Mouse / Trackpad & Keyboard

If you’re buying a laptop stand, you must also get a cordless mouse/trackpad and keyboard. Because when your laptop is on the stand, you won’t be able to reach the trackpad/mouse and keyboard, or the angle will be at an awkward angle.

For Mac users, if they are shopping for a cordless mouse and keyboard, a non-Apple product, make sure they are compatible. There are chances that non-Apple products aren’t compatible with the latest operating systems.

  1. 1080p Webcam & A Good Microphone

Remote work practice will sometimes require virtual interviews or official meetings. It is essential for you to have a 1080p webcam and a good quality microphone on both occasions. Imagine if you have a meeting with an international client who’ll invest a huge amount in your project. All of a sudden, your microphone stops working, and what if the client asks for a video conference? It will be embarrassing, and you may even fail to get the contract. It’s not even professional.

There is a possibility; you may consider using a built-in mic and webcam that are already available on your laptop. But for the safe side, try to keep a good quality mic. You may be thinking which one is more important, a webcam or a good mic.

Well, definitely a good mic; believe it or not, a good quality mic is more important than a cam. Because if your voice is clear and full, you can represent yourself and professionally continue the meeting.

  1. Wi-fi Range Extender

You have an important meeting or a deadline to catch, and when you connect the device to the internet, there are only 2 bars of signal. You must buy a Wi-fi range extender. A range extender is a small device that you can plug into a switchboard. Once you connect the extender with the Wi-fi at your place, it will extend the signals up to 3 times faster.

However, the Wi-fi range extender is quite compact, amazing speed, and a lifesaver for a remote workforce. There might be times when you wish to work in your room, and the time you start working, you notice weak Wi-fi signals. Sometimes you can’t even connect your system with the Wi-fi. But when you plug-in the Wi-fi range extender, you witness that the signals rise up and full bars appear with faster speed of the internet.

  1. Surge Protector & Multi-Plug

There are three or four plugs in a room, but they are simply never enough plug-ins when you start working. Whether you are at the airport, café, hotel room, or in your home, you must need more power supply plugs to work remotely and smoothly.

Also, there are plenty of unreliable outlets worldwide where power surges can easily damage or destroy your electronic devices. A decent multi-plug and surge protection is a necessary item for every remote worker.

While shopping for a surge protector and multi-plug, make sure to buy one with at least 3 DC (direct current) power spots, USB-C and USB outs, and some international adapters. It will help you plug in your electronic devices whenever they want without any worries.

  1. Power Bank

Power backup is necessary for every remote workforce because, in some locations, an electricity supply is still an issue. There may be a time when the whole region suffers from power loss. Also, no matter if you have several power outlets at your remote workspace, there can always be a place too busy or occupied to plug-in.

Over the past few years, you may have noticed that the power ban technology has improved quite dramatically. Power banks can charge DC outlet devices like camera batteries, older laptops, etc. Like other advanced technologies, the size of a power bank is smart enough that you can carry it with you anywhere you want.

Power banks with DC and USB charge functionalities tend to be a bit bigger, but they provide better power. Some power banks can charge almost three devices at once, including iPhone, iPad, laptop, and many others from 0% to 100%.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to hire developers for a startup program or for an enterprise-level company, you must reach out to the experts. The hiring and training process of a remote workforce with the essential gadgets isn’t easy for everyone. When a remote employee is an ideal candidate for the job, and he/she does have the required gadgets, you may have to re-think or get them delivered on time.

However, it’s better to connect with a specialist and professional like Aspired. It’s true, currently Aspired provides several services regarding remote workforce to many companies around the world. Indeed, clients are satisfied and worry-free.


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