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Full Form of VDU in computer

Full form of VDU in computer | VDU full form

The full form of VDU is the Visual Display Unit. A monitor or display is an electric display device for a computer that displays your data or the output given by the computer on the screen.

VDU is called a monitor. This is a hardware device since all the data being fed in the computer is displayed on the VDU screen.

What is the Full Form of VDU?

The full form of VDU is the Visual Display Unit. It is also called a monitor or screen that gives output as a visual display. Physically its look similar to a television screen and display both image and text, the output display on the monitor called soft copy. Because images displayed on the screen are temporary.

The monitor is made up of a device, some secrets, and a cover. Initially, the monitor was used as a television receiver for data processing and entertainment, but later the monitor was also used in all other functions.

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What is the other full form of VDU?

  • Very Dear Utility
  • Virtual Displeasing Unit
  • Visible Diode Unit
  • Video Distribution Unit

Types of VDU(Visual Display Unit)

  • LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)  – LCDs also come in less space, and sometimes they are also hung on the walls. LCD is available in different sizes such as 32 inches, up to 52 inches. The Liquid Crystal Display is a thin, direct-powered display unit that uses Liquid Crystal Light features. Liquid Crystals do not emit light directly.
  • CRT – CRT (cathode ray tube) is the most common format of the monitor, and it has also been the most prevalent until the price of flat panel monitor had dropped drastically. Like the old TVs, the picture quality of the CRT monitor was much better in its seventh monitor.CRT (cathode ray tube) is a vacuum tube containing an electron gun, which is the source of electrons, and a fluorescent screen, this electron gun makes a display by focusing on the fluorescent screen.
  • Plasma computer – Plasma computer is less used than both monitors earlier. This is due to higher power usage, higher prices, and fixed resolution. They are called plasma cells because their base is plasma cells and fluorescent lamps. There are millions of small cells in a panel. These cells are compartmentalized and placed in the middle of two glass panels.
  • Touch Screen Monitor -Touch Screen Monitor gives us a new way to communicate with the computer. Here we do not need any input device. We can enter the input just by touching the screen.A touchscreen is an electronic device that can only be input by touch, and there is no need for a mouse or keyboard.
  • OLED – Organic Light Emitting Diode Computer monitors are thinner and brighter than LCD and plasma monitors. OLED monitors can also be placed on a transparent object so that it can be seen across it when it is not in use.

How does a VDU work?

Earlier we talked about what is the full form of VDU and what are its different types? Now we will see how VDU actually works. Just like our normal monitor uses binary digits (0, 1), VDU works as well. VDU is a computing device in which if we give input then it shows us the output and it shows the picture with the help of small dots, which we call pixels.

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Bottom Line:

In this article, we know about the full form of VDU, its different types, how it works. There is no major difference between VDU and monitor so don’t get confused by these two different terms. I hope this article is helpful for you.




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