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How to Get Your Website Listed in Google News

Google is known for improving their users’ experience and for doing this, they keep implementing new changes and bring more features. Along with this, Google also gives enough chances to all the website owners to gain more traffic to their site by using those features. One such feature is Google News.

Google News is one of the most popular services and it receives traffic in billions. Google loves to present top stories to their readers and these stories are fetched in the Google News section. When a site is listed in the Google News section, Google will fetch new news from that site and show it to hundreds of thousands of people.

It is a free source of organic traffic that helps you gain significant growth in a very short turn around. In this article, we will have a look at how to get your site listed in Google News and gain maximum traction from it. Earlier, there were some steps required for the webmasters to submit the site for Google News, but now, things are a bit different. In late 2019, Google eliminated this option for the requirement of submitting the site for this platform.

What exactly is Google News Platform

In simple terms, we can say that Google News is an algorithm-generated search engine that collects and showcases the best and top news from multiple platforms in the news story section. And, this news is shown on the basis of users’ interest, relevancy, and authority of a website. On the other hand, users can also access the story by visiting the Google News website.

Why is it a goldmine for organic traffic?

The very first thing is that you gain a significant amount of organic traffic for your site using the Google News portal. This will not only help you generate organic traffic but you will also improve authority and SEO profile for your site. Once you get listed on this platform, you are assured of getting a high volume of organic traffic which is not easily possible by ranking the keywords.

This platform is the best way to outperform your competitors and gain significantly more traffic from them in a short period of time. As per research, almost 60% of the people trust the feeds shown by Google, so once you get listed on this, your site’s authority will take a leap in this competitive ecosystem. For more assistance, you can choose suitable SEO packages.

Guidelines for getting listed on Google News

Type of content

When it comes to getting listed on this platform, you need to produce good quality and value-adding content on your site. It’s not always necessary that the content should be most recent or timely-updated because it is not valid for the news websites. On the other hand, there are several blogs that rank for general topics and they are not time-sensitive. The main key here is to draft value-driven content that will make readers’ lives easier in any possible way.

Readability & original content

These two are also important factors that define a website’s success ratio for making it into the Google News platform. The content should be easy to read and authentic and it has a major reason behind it. The majority of the users that consume news from the feeds are normal consumers and they want complex information served in a simplistic way. There is no point in producing complicated content that will consume more time. The core concept here at Google News is that providing quick and easy to understand the content.

Your site’s authority

As Google has removed the option for manually getting listed on Google News, now all we can do is optimize our site for the best. As Google wants to serve only quality content, your site needs to have higher authority so that Google can consider you for fetching the news. And the reason behind this is quite simple— Google shows the news to hundreds of thousands of people and it has to come from an authoritative source.

So, focus on improving your website’s domain authority in a natural way and avoid buying any kind of links as Google is quite smart in detecting all these things. All you need to just keep publishing quality content and follow the standard backlink process to boost the authority.

Check all technical aspects

For getting into Google News, your site needs to be. technically sound as Google only wants to show the sites with the best user experience. So, conducting a technical audit and fixing all errors is a must to do the process. Once you fix all the technical glitches including your site’s loading speed, your chances will increase significantly.

AMP and Google News sitemap

AMP we all know it’s a highly important aspect for making a site’s speed faster and serving the users with a better user experience. On the other side, most people don’t know about the Google News sitemap. You can also generate a dedicated sitemap if you are into the news domain and submit it to Google. It will improve your odds of coming into the category and generate higher organic traffic.

On the other side, if you are running a normal blog, then you need to make sure that the sitemap is up to date and you are not blocking any important resource in the robots.txt file.

Focus on most searched keywords

As Google shows news and blogs based on people’s interests, you should try to include as many as possible keywords in your content. This will help users to search and reach your content much faster. This is a strong signal to Google that your site’s content is genuine and Google may include it in the news platform.

But on the other side, make sure that you are not stuffing the keywords just for trying to get more traction. Just keep the keyword flow naturally along with some important internal linking and external linking.

These were the most important standard guidelines for getting listed in the Google News platform. Keep optimizing your site for improving the UX and focus on gaining more authority.


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