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How to promote Instagram for free

If you do not know how to promote Instagram, then today we will discuss with you the most effective methods of influencing the algorithms and promotion of Instagram, which make it possible without any services and without bots, only live and active users, pure SMM and the secrets of the psychology of human behavior, and The most important thing is that all this Instagram promotion is absolutely free.

Get likes on Instagram for free

One of the methods of promoting Instagram is to boost likes on Instagram, just let’s agree right away – the promotion of likes on Instagram, which will be discussed here, is not a promotion for the sake of promotion itself, I am not interested in such actions at all, I consider this procedure only as a technical option in the context of a quick set of a critical mass of likes for a new publication, specifically for a new publication on Instagram.

If you want to get likes on  Instagram then you need to contact and need to buy Instagram followers Canada in order to bring this publication to the TOP of the best by thematic hashtags, and this is all done solely for the sake of reaching those users on Instagram who have not yet subscribed to you, but who may become your customers or subscribers.

Those. I want you to understand the essence of all these actions, the meaning of which is not in the numbers under the photo, but in the free promotion of the content, you publish. Free promotion of likes on Instagram, free promotion of your account, and, as a bonus, live and real subscribers. While I was filming stories on my phone for this video, in order to demonstrate all the actions on my account, I accidentally gained about 30 subscribers, just like that, following a sequence of procedures.

The first tactic is creative stories

The Instagram algorithm works in much the same way as in the YouTube algorithm, the main group of users that you should count on at the start, at the time of publishing a new photo or video, are your existing subscribers and friends. Therefore, first of all, we turn on the maximum notification mode about your new publication among your active subscribers and activate the tactics of creative stories in the style of TV series. What does it mean?

This means that through stories you can draw attention to your new publication, much more people than those who will see your new publication in the feed, if, of course, you are creative in the process and record a creative video story. Let’s look at an example for a competitive topic like a beauty salon.

For a haircut or dyeing hair, you can tell a background story with a difficult exit of hair color from black or with a client’s desire to do something special on her head, intrigue your subscribers and at the end of the story say that more detailed information can be found in the last publication of my feed, i.e. e. to interest the viewer, apply a technique that interrupts the plot at the most interesting place and motivates to continue watching the next episode, publication in the feed, which can also be formatted as a video – i.e. continuation of your story.

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In other words, you create a mini-series, where the first series is a story, and the second series is a publication in the feed and at the end of the video publication or in the text of the description of the publication itself, make a call of this kind: – If you were interested in this information, then give me know with your like and comment, so that I understand if you need such content in the future or not, or something like that. If you get creative, then even the dullest and banal publication can be played up and interest people so that they begin to react to your content.

There is an important technical point here, this story needs to be posted immediately after you have posted your publication in the feed with the correct description and with the correct hashtags. This whole idea with likes is done only so that you get into the TOP of the best by hashtags and new people who did not know about you before and was not subscribed to you will know about you. Once again, prepare a story and a posting to the feed according to a creative scenario. To publish, prepare the correct hashtags, make a short text description, first post the publication in the feed and immediately post a story.

The second tactic is chatlike

You probably have already heard about it, but either did not attach importance to it, or did everything not quite right. What does it mean? This means that it is desirable for you to have the maximum number of different chats in all kinds of messengers, where loyal users from different communication groups are collected. In these groups, you can throw a link to a fresh photo with a request to like and comment, not in one general chat, as many do, but in different chats with a small number of people in each.

In the VK chat, you have classmates or classmates, in the Wattsap chat, colleagues or friends of the same interest, in Viber, relatives, relatives, in the direct Instagram chat, friends are mutual subscribers, etc. It’s a big mistake to start one big chat for everyone on one platform and try to attract people for likes on Instagram through this single chat. In this chat, there will be eternal bedlam, shit, and showdown, in which your notification of a new photo or video will simply drown.


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