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OCR full form

OCR full form in computer | OCR full form

The OCR full form in the computer is Optical Character Recognition. This is a modern technology that enables you to convert different types of documents. Images taken for scanned paper, documents, PDFs or any digital camera using OCR technology can be converted into editable and searchable data.

What exactly does OCR mean?

The technology behind OCR is still unknown, and no scientist has yet discovered how Optical Character Recognition allows humans to recognize objects.

As we mentioned earlier, OCR full is Optical Character Recognition, technically it converts electronic or mechanical versions of images of OCR, handwriting, printing, or typed text into machine-encoded text.

When a printed or handwritten page is scanned, it is saved as a JPG or TIF format file. By opening this image, you can read its text on the monitor. However, for computers, this is only a series of black and white dots.

The mechanisms of working of OCR have not yet been understood, but its three basic principles have been understood by the scientist, and those three principles are integrity, purposefulness, and adaptability.

And in simple words, OCR helps to understand the quantity and characters on a hard or soft copy scanned by a computer. Everything scanned in OCR is just an image of a dot for your computer.

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What Technology Lies Behind OCR?

We now know that the OCR full form is optical character recognition, but as of now we have not been able to know what technology is being used behind OCR, which can be used in any image, handwritten, contract paper, book or Allows any hard copy to be scanned, edited and shared digitally.

We can understand the technology used behind OCR with an example that if you have to edit a book page, paper, document, or any photo in the form of text, you can edit it. OCR allows you to do so. OCR is software that scans every letter of a PDF or hard copy to create a word, then a complete sentence.

How OCR works:

How does OCR work? Before knowing this, we will focus our attention on what is the purpose of using OCR? Let me tell you that the only purpose of using OCR is that we were able to edit and share un-editable text files, images, and documents on our computer.

Here, is the steps to understand the working of OCR:

  • First, any hard copy, text image, or PDFs is scanned by OCR software.
  • When the document is scanned, the OCR software converts the scanned text to a black and white structure.
  • In the third step, OCR examines the text in two conditions, which are a dark and bright light.
  • After examining, the OCR that finds the light area makes it the background, and the dark area that remains identifies it as a character. This is the reason that we are able to read scanned text.
  • Similarly, the OCR software scans 2,3 turn so that no number or alphabet is missed. First, the OCR converts the sentence into Word, then Word into the letter and so its loop keeps running.
  • Once the OCR finishes its work, it is then converted to ASCII code, the computer uses this code to correct manipulations of Word and Sentence.

What are the different types of OCR?

After knowing the OCR full form and working of OCR, it is now the turn to know the different types of OCR. So there are basically two types of OCR i.e. Optical Character Recognition.

  1. Pattern Recognition – The pattern recognition system is an old recognition system that we used to use in the 1960s. Earlier some patterns were fed into the OCR equipment and those patterns were matched by the font. If that pattern matches with the font, then that OCR technique could read it. It was mainly used earlier in the banking sector to avoid fraud.
  2. Feature Detection – Feature Detection nowadays the OCR equipment of yesterday is being used there. However, now all these are based on the software, so it very smartly recognizes this thing. Now they work on different algorithms, there was only one font in pattern recognition, but there are many fonts in Feature Detection. In simple language, it has started to understand like a human mind.

Advantages of OCR

  • Text of OCR can be scanned with proper accuracy. Now, there is a wide range of OCR in the market with 100% accuracy.
  • With the help of OCR, you can easily convert hard copy to soft copy. OCR is able to recognize the small text also.
  • It also saves your money somehow.
  • This technology saves you from typing manually. OCR technology saves a lot of your time as well.
  • This technique allows you to scan and edit any image, paper, or text file.
  • With this technology, more latest features have been added, such as scanning the table and showing it in the table form on the computer itself.

Disadvantages of OCR

  • The biggest disadvantage of OCR that has been seen so far is that it scans the printed text accurately but there is a lot of error with the handwritten text.
  • This technology is quite expensive because it uses software and all.
  • Sometimes it also degrades the quality of the scanned image.
  • You cannot trust 100% on this technology, so when you scan your important documents, you must also check it once manually.
  • You use it for big work only then you will get good results.

Some best OCR software

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  2. Abbyy FineReader
  3. Readiris
  4. OmniPage Ultimate
  5. Rossum
  6. Our google drive also contains an in-built OCR system.

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We have learned in this article about OCR full form, this technique works, also know its advantages and disadvantages. I hope this article has been informative for you. If you have any questions in your mind then definitely ask in the comment box.


What is OCR software?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a newly developed software that can identify and understand all numbers, letters, punctuation, etc. with the help of an algorithm.

Which OCR technology is the best?

Identifying the best OCR engine is not an easy task. The best results come from systems that use “voting engines”. But we still cannot say that this is the best.

Can OCR understand lines, shapes, colors, or other features on-page?

No, OCR is not advanced that much yet. It can only recognize and understand numbers, letters, and punctuation.

Does OCR work for any language?

Now OCR engines have been made so advanced that they can understand almost every popular language in the world. His accuracy maybe a little less.


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