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Netgear EX6150 Setup
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Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender Setup of Netgear Ex6150 Ac1200 

The  Netgear EX6150 Setup Wifi Range Extender improves the existing home network by increasing the range and speed of WiFi, delivering up to 1200Mbps of 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi. It works with any router and provides WiFi for HD video streaming and gaming, including in remote areas of your house. Get the networking you need for iPads, tablets, laptops, and more. Computer Requirements: 2.4 and/or 5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi router or gateway and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 20 or Safari 5.1 or Google Chrome 25.0 browsers or higher

Netgear Extender EX6150 Configuration: Method manual

To manually set up the Netgear extender EX6150, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Switch your extender Netgear AC1200 EX6150 on.
  • Place the extender near your router’s Wi-Fi.
  • Plug the extender into a power plug.
  • Afterward, Wait for the Green Power LED to light up.
  • Click the power button if the power LED does not light up.
  • Link a smartphone or tablet over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the extender:

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(Wi-Fi) Open the Wi-Fi Link Manager on your Wi-Fi-powered computer or mobile device and locate and attach it to a Wi-Fi network.

(Ethernet) Link your Netgear EX6150 AC1200 by using an Ethernet cable

The sampling frame.

  • Open a web browser and join from a computer or tablet. Contact our experts for fast support if this web address is not working on your machine.
  • The installation assistant of Netgear devices.
  • To attach your extender to the existing WiFi network, follow the prompts. Shift the extender to a new role you want.
  • Shift the extender closer to your router and try again if you don’t get a link or a bad connection before the LED lights turn white.
  • Link your client devices to the extended WiFi network after you locate your extender’s ideal location.

Setup of Netgear AC1200 EX6150 Using WPS Push Button

  • To run the Netgear AC1200 EX6150 configuration using WPS:
  • Control on the AC1200 mesh extender Netgear (EX6150).
  • In the very same area, locate the extender as well as the WiFi router.
  • Plug your extender into an electronic device until finished.
  • Wait for the power LED to light green on the EX6150.
  • On the extender, press the WPS button.
  • Now, push your WiFi router’s WPS button.
  • The communication between your router and the extender is perfect if the Netgear EX6150 Reference Condition LED lights are white.
  • To link your extender to the external WiFi network, click on start.

Note: If the 5 GHz band is assisted by your router, the first time you push the WPS button, your extender attempts to connect to the router’s 5 GHz band. If your extender has not connected to the 5 GHz band of the router for the first time, even during initialization including its Netgear Nighthawk X6S AC3000 EX8000 WiFi range extender, it may result in thousands of bugs. Get in contact with our experts to address certain problems at the utmost.

  • Change to a new venue via that extender.
  • Take your machine or tablet app with a WiFi-enabled connection to a spot with limited WiFi router coverage.
  • Attach an expansive network to your WiFi-enabled machine or mobile device.
  • That’s how you can use the WPS button to complete the Netgear EX6150 Setup. If during the ordering process you came across some kind of computer issue, feel free to call our specialists.


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